Monday, February 7, 2011

{urban outfitters shopping list}'s really more of a wishlist at this point.  Because by the time I get to Urban Outfitters on Oxford Street, Ill have walked past Primark, New Look, H&M (about 3 times - there's more than one on this street - faark), River Island (twice), Zara, Mango and Miss Selfridge.  UO is quite far away so one really has to want to go there to get there.  Trust me, after 8 hours of pounding the pavement, there is little that will motivate you to walk 500m down the road.  But UO is totally worth it.  Ill walk with blood in my shoes and blisters on top of blisters to get there.

Because my reward is to touch, feel, love, sniff and perhaps lightly kiss the items above. 


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  1. Hehe, you should catch the bus chick! Although, it will probably take an hour down that mad road.