Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 While out thrifting recently I spotted a Burberry Trench Coat lurking at the back of one of the rails.  I first noticed the check inner and a thought flew through my mind "that looks like a Burberry check..." Upon closer inspection, my hunch was corroborated and I did a little jig on the spot, then looked around to see if anyone had noticed.  Luckily no one was around.  So I put it in my pile and carried on - not really caring if it fit or not, I just had to have it.

Someone saw me write something about it's discovery on Twitter and they managed to buy it from me before it had even hit the shop... Luckily for them it didn't fit me cause if it had - I would be wearing it right now - summer and all.

So between purchasing said gem and selling it to a loving new home, Burberry was hanging on a wooden hanger in my bedroom, and I said to boyfriend: "tonight, we'll be sleeping with real Burberry in the room!".  I was a little upset to see it ago, but much happier that it's been adopted by a loving mommy.


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