Monday, February 7, 2011

{winter lookbook}

Winter is my favourite time of the year - I love the layering, the scarves, the beanies, jackets, coats & stockings that I get to wear.  So for my trip to London in 2 days time {which I see on Sky news will be FRIGHTFULLY cold - cross fingers for some snow but I doubt it} I've been putting together a lookbook that will inform what it is that I pack in my bag.  I'm attempting to pack light so that I can bring back tons of purchases, but this would be a miracle if actually achieved.  I always over-pack and then get irritated with myself when I only end up wearing 20% of what I brought because my new goodies are just too good to not wear immediately after purchase.

These are some of the looks that are inspiring me at the moment - look out for my shopping lists over the next couple of days before I leave - they're full of items that I'm lusting over at the moment.

My mom has a cape like the camel one above that I have appropriated for my own use whilst in London.  {She's in Australia at the moment so I don't think she'll notice it's absence}.  It's a beautiful black, vintage number that is a tad long so I'll be taking it up in the next couple of days when I get a chance.  Then she'll be packed in my suitcase ready to face the cold, but stylish streets of London town.


{click on each picture to take you to the sources}