Friday, November 30, 2012

{dreaming of a white Christmas}

Hey there,
I have been dreaming of a white Christmas but will have to settle for Christmas in hot, humid Durban this year! 
If any of you are planning on a white Christmas, you will probably need some jerseys, jackets or coats to add to your suitcase before heading off on your travels.
I have put together a selection of thrifted winter items that won't break your budget but will keep you warm and cosy.
If you want to purchase any of these items, please email me at : to confirm your order and to make arrangements for payment/collection/delivery.
Happy shopping

 white jersey with "peter pan" collar

cream jacket with green trim - SOLD

pink jersey with hood - SOLD

grey hoodie - SOLD

Reversible hoodie
black outside with stripes inside
(see picture below this one for the striped outside with black inside)
Reversible hoodie - these two pictures are of the same hoodie!!
stripes outside with black inside
(see picture above this one for the black outside with stripes inside) 

brown sleeveless knitted jacket with hood - SOLD

tan double-breasted knitted jacket

long black jersey - SOLD

long black coat/blazer -SOLD

dark olive green blazer - SOLD

vintage "all-weather" coat

double-breasted coat with belt - SOLD

tweed grey, black & white double-breasted coat - SOLD

black "fleecy" winter blazer - SOLD

brown jacket - fully lined - SOLD

black 3/4 length leather coat with zips - SOLD

brown jersey with zip pocket - SOLD

black grampa jersey with white trim - SOLD

navy blue GAP hoodie

grey & blue "mexican theme" grampa jersey

over-sized cream cardigan - SOLD

faux-fur lined hat with ear-flaps - SOLD

brown knitted beanie - SOLD

grey knitted scarf - SOLD

grey woollen scarf with pink hearts - SOLD

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