Thursday, January 19, 2012

{our save the date}

So we finally sent out our save the dates - thought I'd give you a bit of a peek at them.  Bevan and I designed them ourselves, and then set to work doing them up in Illustrator.  

We sent out to more people than we thought we would actually have, but everyone seems to be coming!  So the numbers will be a lot higher than we thought they might be.  But that just means more friends and family to celebrate the day with us, and of course more pressies...

Plans are well underway, and I have a checklist longer than the Harry Potter series that needs checking off.  It means early mornings and late nights trying to prep all the elements of what we hope is a largely DIY wedding.  Wedding's these days can be so ridiculously expensive and we're trying to save my pops as much money as possible.  Although I couldn't help but splurge on a retro photobooth - the kind that spews out black and white photo strips.  Guests can keep them as a memento of the occasion, and write in our guest book too.

This weekend, while Bevan is away doing Iron-man in East London, I plan on doing quite a bit of sourcing for the wedding: decorations, table cloths, vases etc.  

Who knows, perhaps I'll really enjoy this process and become a full-time party planner?!


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