Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{bring and buy}

At the end of Jan an awesome event that we've dubbed “bring and buy” will take place: an opportunity for us to all come together and flog the clothes and accessories we no longer wear to make a little bit of cash (after the festive season I’m sure we’ve all got a wardrobe full of stuff and a wallet full of nothing).

You can either sell some stuff, just come and shop other people’s stuff, or sell AND shop

Here are the details:
-          Venue: 14 Weymouth Avenue, Glenwood
-          Date: Saturday, 28th Jan (straight after payday!)
-          Time: 2pm to 4pm (1:30pm to 4pm if you'll be selling some stuff)

How it works:
  • People wanting to sell goodies need to bring a selection of clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories & Jewellery that they want to get rid of (please be there by 1:30 if you are intending on selling some stuff so we can get everything up and ready on the rails) 
  • Before the event, all sellers will need to place a sticker on each of their items with the following information: Your initials (e.g. JH, PVB, CV etc) and the Price (can be any type of sticker in terms of size, colour, shape – doesn’t matter)
  • Shop shop shop / sell sell sell
  • Once the shopper has made their selection of the items they want, they bring it to the “check out desk”, take the stickers off the items they are purchasing and stick them on a sheet we will provide.  We’ll then tally up the total and the shopper pays for their goodies.
  • At the end of the event, all amounts for each seller will be paid over to them (we’ll know who is owed what by using their initials and the prices on each sticker)

Please please please….:
  • Don’t bring items that are broken, stained, ripped – this is about offering great quality items
  • Don’t bring clothing with little or no value, e.g. a strappy basic cami as shoppers will want to go for the more interesting pieces
  • Tell everyone and anyone to come shop, sell or (better yet) shop AND sell – the more people we have the better the selection will be
  • Bring cash only
  • Try and bring your own hangers – this will make the process a lot smoother if everything is stickered and hung up right from the get-go
  • Be there at 1:30pm on the day if you want to sell some goodies
  • Be reasonable and realistic with the prices you charge – keep in mind that cash will be limited and so shoppers will be less inclined to buy very expensive pieces.
Hope to see you there!



  1. Pippa I'm so excited about this, what a fantastic idea! And congratulations on getting engaged :) love kit*

  2. Hiya! When will your blog shop reopen for the new year? :-)

  3. so very clever! busy posting a link on my blog to the event. x

  4. hey there!! is there any possibility in me being able to sell furniture??