Thursday, December 8, 2011

{our house - in the light}

Up until now, the only pics Ive taken of our new house have been in the dark.  Finally I have some snaps of it during the day.

I took these on Saturday when we went to have a look at the progress of our bathroom renovation.  Love the soft light shining through the trees - this house makes me feel so peaceful.  Im sure many a summer night will be spent out on this verandah on our comfy couch.

The lounge - 'scuse the workers' clothes on our chair!

Our new bookshelves

Clem smelling her new home

Our main bedroom and our new built-in cupboards.  

The garden path - leading down to the music recording studio

Clem surveying her new territory 

Little Miss Muffet 

The guts of an old piano - we love this little feature in the garden

Our caravan's new home - we'll be throwing open the doors on a regular basis so you can come shop whenever we're available!