Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We got engaged last week Thursday!  Very exciting and very unexpected...

I must be honest - Im not very romantic at all, but Bevan is.  So he has been scheming about how he wanted to propose for a while now apparently.  He was either going to do it on the 1st of December or on the 20th Dec on my birthday but decided that the latter might be a bit obvious.

So the 1st it was.  

I thought we were painting the main bedroom that night - he had other plans.  Told me to sit in a chair in front of our new bookshelf and he'd take a picture of me.  So I sat down and started blabbing on about how I wanted to put a table in front of one of the windows.  When I turned around to face him, he was on one knee with a silver box in his hand!  I cant quite remember what he said, but I do remember giggling from surprise and nervousness as he opened the box.  I do however remember quite vividly wrapping my arms around his neck and hugging him for dear life.

I've been with this boy for over 5 years - I love him to bits.  Of course the answer was yes!

And so now we're engaged!  Wedding date is 14th July.  Excited is an understatement - cannot wait to get started on this wedding.

The ring was my gran's which he simply had sized and polished because he knew I loved it so much.  I love the ruby, the little diamonds around it, the oval setting - all of it.  It's just perfect I reckon and given that it's a family heirloom makes it even more special.  It's something we'll be passing down to our oldest kid in the hopes of making this our own little family tradition.



  1. A million congratulations and I love the ring.

  2. Ah Congrats lovely! So so special! We got married on 16 July and its such lovely weather that time of year for an outside ceremony. Wishing you both all the happiness your hearts desire. much love xx

  3. Congratulations! Your ring is beautiful :)

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so happy for you.

    The ruby is just so gorgeous. Like Princess Di's ring except red instead of blue.

    Gorgeous...I wish you many happy years together and happy wedding planning!!

  5. congratulations - exciting times!