Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Getting keen to ink myself - something small and inconspicuous when it needs to be.  I have the pain threshold of a newborn though so I fear I might struggle actually keeping my arm within reach of the tattoo artist.

Looking for inspiration - have an idea of what I want to get but it's the pain that's becoming a block for me.  

Loved what these ladies had done though - so this is helping:

If you've got a tattoo - please share your experiences!!


Source: The Satorialist


  1. Do it!

    Tattoos really dont hurt that much, especially if you get something small and one colour. I got four swallows on my arm in March, after 6 years of wanting them. Felt like a pin scratch on my skin and as soon as the needle lifts there isn't any pain. Wish I could post a pic of mine, so subtle and beautifully shaded to suit my skin tone.

  2. I have five tattoos. the first one I got when I was 18 and drunk. Its a spider on my foot. Second one I got was the chinese symbol on my neck (before everyone started doing it). Third was my butterfly friendship tat on my shoulder blade. My best friend and I got identical tattoos. Last two were my girls' names on each of my wrists.

  3. Hello! Ive got 4 and I love them except for one. Only because the meaning for me is not something I belive in anymore...BUT the design is still beautiful. I would recommend you go for small and special. Something that you know, that you know, you wont be tired of or change hearrt for. DONT go for whats "in" and rather sit and design something yourself. I designed 2 of mime and im soo happy with them. I would also be selective on where you put them on your body...One thing i will end off with is, Once you get one...you will want more! :)Deb

  4. I got a swallow tat on my left four arm, I've had it for four years now and have never once had a moment of regret! :)