Monday, November 7, 2011

{birthday wishlist}

My birthday is just a month and a half away {20 Dec, diarise it!} and I've been thinking long and hard about a birthday wishlist of sorts.  Given that that very same day we'll be moving into our new house, my wishlist centers around goodies for our new pad.  We've decided to ditch some of our old stuff and get some new things like crockery, tupperware and towels {so if you feel like buying me a birthday pressie, gift vouchers are welcome!}.  

If I come into a lot of money over the next month and a bit, these are things that I would be buying:
A display cabinet for my shoes - have spied one over on Gumtree, now I just need to talk the seller down from their ridiculous price...  Spied on

How awesome is this retro record player?  We bought one over the weekend which we love {thanks Sara and Em!} but I just love the carry case of the one above.  From Urban Outfitters

Sofa from Urban Outfitters

Funny plasters from Urban Outfitters

This beautiful victorian free-standing ball and claw bath from


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  1. Pippa could you tell me where you got your record player from? I am also on the lookout..