Friday, August 5, 2011

{new in}

Just uploaded a whole wad of new goodies to the shop!

Life's gotten a little hectic of late, what with work, buying a house, running {the thrift collection}, organising a tea party {and the awesomeness that you'll soon be introduced to!}, planning our upcoming trip to Scotland next month and generally just trying to live a happy life!

So Ive decided that in order to lighten the load a little, Ill only be uploading goodies once a week on a Monday.  There's quite a lot of admin involved with posting new goodies to the shop {but that should get easier too in the next few weeks}.

But never fear lovely shoppers - once a week doesn't mean less stock - Ill be uploading the same amount of stock you've become accustomed to, just in one big batch.

Oh - and don't forget our Tea Party coming up on the 27th of August - diarise!

Visit the blog at 10am today, where we'll be sharing pics of our new home!!


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