Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{cute stuff}

My day job, as some of you may know, is that I'm the Jewellery Buyer for Miladys - part of the Mr. Price Group.  Ive been there for 2 years now, starting off as the Trend Forecaster and then moving into my current role as the Buyer for the Costume Jewellery department.

Unfortunately the company has become known as the "old, white lady's" store.  But I'm hoping that in some small way I can change that perception.  So on our last store visits down the South Coast last week, I decided to take some pics of the latest product we have in at the moment - we have some pretty cool things!  So suck it up, and come shop with us some time!

 Pleated skirts

Floral Shirts


Military-Inspired Cardigans

Cute little dresses  

*Promise, this post wasn't sponsored by Miladys!



  1. i just bought a pair of the most amazing rose floral pjs there the other day. it's definitely a shop to browse as far as i'm concerned!

  2. Hey Pippa!
    I must say, I have always loved Milady's, especially the acessories and shoes of which I own my fair share. It's definitely not *just* an 'old white lady' store :)
    Im going to pop into my nearest one and check out these goodies :)

  3. My best friend and I have been so surprised at how awesome all the Milady's stuff has been lately, and we're the perception is definitely changing! I love my retro gingham dress xx

  4. Haha, my mother had dragged me screaming and kicking into that store since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Trudged in behind her the other day and walked out with more bags than she did. LOVE the fit of the clothes. And have always loved the accessories, so know I no why!