Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{facebook competition}

Quick! Head on over to Facebook and LIKE our page.  You'll want to if you feel like entering our awesome facebook competition we'll be running tonight...

How the competition will work:
1 - LIKE our Facebook Page {if you haven't done it already...}
2 - At 7pm tonight, we'll post a pic of the giveaway {should I tell you what it is?  hmm, no.  I think I'll make you wait til 7pm! Better for competition build up and all that...}
3 - You have an hour {yup - just 60 minutes} to LIKE the picture we post of the giveaway
4 - We'll put all of the LIKES into a hat and at 8pm sharp, we'll choose the winner!

The quickest competition in the history of competitions!


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