Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{percival ponsonby}

Next to boyfriend, this is the other man in my life: Percival Ponsonby.  My faithful childhood companion - he has been through it all with me.

He was made by my sister's childhood best friend's mom{I'll give you a minute.....}.  When my sister's friend was murdered, her mom gave me her special penguin.  I don't know how I managed it, but gave him the name "Percival Ponsonby" - a very regal and important name.  

I have loved penguins since before I can remember - my dad said the other day that he can't actually remember me when I DIDN'T love them.  They are my favourite animals and boyfriend laughs at me because he reckons I sometimes waddle like them.

Isn't it funny the kinds of things we gravitate towards, before we're able to walk, form real thoughts and have a conversation with someone?  I decided LONG ago that penguins were my favourite animal, but I had never ACTUALLY seen one.... And then we went to Simon's Town and I saw them on the beach and I knew - it was love at first sight.

What was your favourite animal from an early age?



  1. snap, mine are penguins too! i *stole* a little stuffed penguin from checkers when i was three(which is why i said stole like that, is it really theft at the tender age of three?).
    i still have him...his name's waddle!

  2. Oh my word, I had a penguin very similar to that! Although it didn't have such a regal name. Hope you're having fun on your holiday Pip x