Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{Dude! Put a sock on it - any colour!}

Since we are now in the second quarter of the year, I figured it was time to see what can be expected for winter in SA coming down the track.

What I have noticed - following the European and Western fashion trends that usually hit our Southern Shores 6-9 months later - is the following:

- Double Breasted Suits,(see post: {dream boat} )
- Slick and simple leather brief cases,
- Turned up trouser pants, (yes, this is still a trend)
- Colourful socks (a favourite, hence the title of this post)

A recent post from the UK GQ on the LONDON FASHION WEEK review for 2011 had this to say about the trends coming down the track:(just as a heads up - the images are courtesy of Hal Shinnie & the online editing spearheaded by Andy Morris)

The Suit Doubling Up...

 Old-school leather brief cases - like your dad once had and perhaps still does have...somewhere...

Trouser pants - turned up

 Coloured socky-wockies! Rock and Roll!

Nick Carvell writing for GQ in the UK had this to say about the LONDON FASHION WEEK and what can be expected coming off the catwalks into our walks of lives:

"We were struck by the number of double-breasted suits and coats being worn not just at the shows, but also on the streets around London. Also by the selection of colourful socks exposed by trousers rolled higher up the leg than ever before..."

The colour palette for the coming season (apart from the very apparent 'camel') is largely grey and somewhat dreary with a strong propensity towards navy and dark blues.  This is fine - more than fine actually - especially when you have rocking socks to make your outfit POP!

Check out the {thrift}MAN store in the coming days.  We have in stock a Pierre Cardin Brief case (Maroon Leather) as well as what I believe is called a pilots brief case...

Peace. Love. Rock and Roll
For {thrift}MAN, I am Bevan.

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