Monday, March 14, 2011

{welcome home little miss bicycle}

Oh em gee - look at my new bike! I bought her for 500 Ronds (yep, your eyes aren't tricking you into seeing 1 less zero).  I got it from BEN: the Bicycle Empowerment Network.  The little basket I got from Thaya at Beatnik Bazaar for R240, which I still need to get strapped to the front below the handle bars.  Isn't she a beaut?  Boyfriend's tempted to get his own now cause for R500, who wants to sit in a car?  Need aircon? No problem, have some fresh air.  Want some tunes to jam to? Wait for some young guy in a pimped out, gaudy-coloured BMW to pull up beside you with his music blaring. Need to stash your keys in the cubby hole? Why, try the cute little basket afixed to the front of the handle bars.  Yes that's it, the one holding the fresh baguette and bouquet of freshly picked daisies.  

My pops very kindly offered to pick up my bike and basket while he's down in CT riding the Argus, so little miss bike shall be on her way to Durbs on Wed to be loved by me for always and always.

Haven't thought of a name for her yet though - any suggestions?  Best idea gets, well, a bike named in their honour.

And go.


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  1. what about...
    (little) Miss Sunshine