Saturday, March 5, 2011


Are you a Frankie reader?  If you aren't, well, best you get on the phone to Casey and order yourself one!  It's the most fantastical magazine out there. 

They recently put together a mook {part magazine, part book} that features creatives from around the world and the spaces {hence the name....} that they live and work in.

So much inspiration that it's become my night time reading.  To extend the joy though I only let myself read one article a night.  It's the highlight of my day!



  1. I want this book! I just cant bring myself to spend the loot but I think I should, its gorgeous.

  2. also looove this book!! Completely devoured mine in a matter of hours, so wish I had made it last. Case not doing orders any more though, Nadia taken it over. xx