Monday, March 7, 2011

{paper dolls}

My mum got this for me on her recent trip to Australia and Tasmania.  {Apparently Tasmania / Hobart in particular is a SPECTACULAR little place to visit: quaint and pretty, so if you're in the area.....}

It's a Katherine Hepburn paper doll book.  You cut out the outfits and stick it on her - I absolutely love it!  Don't have the heart to cut anything out!

I've always wanted one of these - they're so old and incredibly hard to find.  I finally have my own!

On the same trip, my sister got me these vintage postcards.  Apparently Tasmania is full to the brim of vintage goodies! 

{I also love how well these 2 girls know me!}



  1. I love the paperdoll have a very nice mummy! love Jess (Bonnie & Clyde)

  2. Oh my word, Tasmania here we come, lols! Lovely prezzies Pip.