Friday, March 11, 2011

{outfit post for the boys}

{Tie: thrifted | Check Shirt & Vest: Woolies | Skinny Corduroys: Mr. Price | Shoes: Prato | Watch: Casio}

Hi Ladies - Bevan here.  Just wanted to share one of my latest outfits with you,  I altered these pants myself, bought them from Mr. Price 5 years ago as bootlegs but recently decided that skinnies were the way forward.  Look out for these types of items coming into the {thrift}MAN shop over the next while. {By the way, I see Mr. Price have just launched a cord skinny - tell your men}

Another thing you can tell your men: I plan on doing weekly original content including my style tips, how-to's and outfit posts.  Hopefully my style will resonate with the gents out there - I realise it might not be for everyone.  Any feedback on these posts would be greatly appreciated!

Peace. Love. Rock 'n Roll


  1. skinny corduroys, I want a pair of those. This is pretty awesome!

  2. awesome. do it. although skinnies dont fit around my calves :-)