Friday, March 18, 2011

{give your shoes a lace-lift? why the hell not!}

I recently landed myself a new job in Durban as brand manager, and apart from wanting to know about what the job entails, I also found myself asking the question: what is the corporate culture and what are employees allowed to wear...or rather, what are employees not allowed to wear?

This may seem like a weird question but knowing the 'rules' of the game (read: company) means you can have fun within these rules & dare I say 'bend' them.

For guys, our wardrobe, particularly for a corporate environment is quite simple.  Basic items generally include the following: shirt + shoes + pants + socks + maybe a tie + maybe a jacket.

Compared to what women are able to wear, this combination can be quite boring. So mixing it up within the boundaries of: 'shirt + shoes + pants + socks + maybe a tie + maybe a jacket' is what we are left with. 

Just focusing on the shoes for this post, why not change the laces on your smart (or casual) shoes?  This will do two things:
1. Give your skoens an instant lace-lift,
2. Still keep you on the straight and narrow if you are required to wear a certain type of shoe in your working environment - so you are 'bending' rather than 'breaking' the rules.

I recently helped my brother Aaron - who wanted to prolong the life of his shoes - and we found a great pair of red laces for his brogues and the combination is just awesome.  Check it out.

If you are the more adventurous type - I dare you to give your shoes a lace-lift.  Besides, if no-one else notices the lace-lift, at least it will provide your face with a smile every now and then - especially when sitting in long meetings in boring boardrooms trying to make an impact and save the world.  

My question is: Why not have a bit of fun whilst 'trying to make an impact and save the world'?
My answer is: Why not! 

Thanks to my brother Aaron for the pics of the brogues.
Comments welcome!

Peace. Love. Rock and Roll!

For {thrift}MAN, I am Bevan.

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