Thursday, February 3, 2011

{new look shopping list}

Look at all the fab colours this knit skirt comes in!  And at 7.99 GBP - I think I might get them all!

Ill be going to London for work in 2 weeks time, so in preparation for it - I've been putting together my shopping list.  More like a list of items that will render me broke.  Ill be the mayor of Broke City in approximately 3 weeks.  Also planning on buying a new SLR and Macbook Pro while I'm there, just to make doubly sure that I'm broke.

Here's my shopping list for {New Look} - if you've never been to London, then it's a fabulously reasonably priced store that caters to the young and stylish.  Their range of shoes and bags is out of this world.

I seem to struggle with great knitwear pieces in SA - nothing really ever grabs my fancy: most times the knits here are too thick, scratchy or just down right old-looking.  Shoes are also a problem for me - if they're remotely nice you have to pay a pretty penny to buy them. 

in fact - I struggle with most shopping in SA - nothing is ever I MUST HAVE, or I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE, or IF I DONT HAVE THIS THIS MINUTE I WILL DIE.  It's all "meh" *shoulder shrug*.  So thus I am salivating at all the shopping Ill be doing in my free time whilst in lovely London Town.

I've done a whole series of {shopping lists} which Ill share with you over the next 2 weeks.



  1. LOVE the top in the 1st photo|! oh my!

  2. Those black wedges (Faints) OMG. MUST HAVE. DEAD. So jealous - living vicariously through you! x