Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{my shopping treasures}

A stag / Union Jack pillow for the boyfriend - something he's been wanting for a while.  From {Primark}

It was raining in London when we arrived so had to hightail it to {Boots} across the road to buy an umbrella.  But not just any umbrella.. Oh no.  A red and white polka dot umbrella..

A beautiful scarf I got at {Primark} - bought one for my mommy too cause it was just so pretty!

A scrabble mug for the boyfriend - from a random stationery store by Westfield shopping centre

A total impulse purchase from {River Island} - and now I absolutely adore them!  Wearing them with everything!

Snake snap bracelet from {Primark} - cost me 3GBP - can you believe it??  value like that you just don't get here

Black satchel - the hottest handbag silhouette overseas at the moment.  From {Primark}

Lovely platforms from {New Look}

Ankle boots from {Dorothy Perkins}

Would you believe me if I told you these were from {Marks & Spencer}? They've upped their game big time lately and looking really great and bang on trend!

Wedges that were on sale at {Primark} - ridiculous cause Primark is just one big sale store...  Cost me 8GBP - that's R88.... yeah. I know.

These are just some of the goodies I bought overseas.  I have been saving for quite some time now to make sure I could update my wardrobe with the new stuff coming through in stores over there, so I had quite a fun time the last day of our trip getting a few things!

More to follow!



  1. I love all your new shoes. Nothing beats new shoes.

  2. That cushion is classic! I miss Primark... Favourite are the ankle boots though. Lovely finds!