Thursday, February 17, 2011

{dear diana}

A couple of weekends ago we went up to Salt Rock to puppy sit for friends of ours.  They have the prettiest house in Dunkirk Estate and are parents to one of the sweetest dogs in the history of dogs.  We had a fantastic time: found a hole-in-the-wall pizza place that made the most divine food {which we went to twice in as many days} and we spent every waking moment on the beach with the pup.  She had a fantastic time, and so did we.

My gran used to own a beach cottage at Sheffield Beach {about 2 minutes from the house we were staying at} so I took the boyfriend to see where I grew up.  My gran's house was a HUGE 2 story house right on the beach, surrounded by equally beautiful houses.  We spent every weekend up there as kids with all of my cousins, and we would spend all of our time playing in the waves, digging holes, throwing balls and catching fish in our little nets.  As a result, we have the fondest childhood memories. 

I remember waking up early {cause you didn't want to miss a moment of sunshine}, creeping down to the kitchen to find my gran had a pot of hot porridge waiting for us.  I'd polish it off with a glass of pinenut juice {remember that?!! don't think they make it anymore - if they did, I'd drink it for the memories...} and then run upstairs to wake my siblings and cousins up to go and play.  My gran {my father's mum} had built the house with an ensuite room for all 4 of her kids {with a couple extra rooms for the grandkids}.  Because my dad is the oldest of the brood, he got the biggest room with the biggest bath tub.  Turn one of the knobs and it became a jacuzzi.  Oh man, this thing was awesome.

It was the first place I went to straight after I was born - 5 days old, fresh out of hospital and I was taken to the beach house.  So as far as I'm concerned, Sheffield Beach is where my roots are - and I love it there.

A couple of years back, my gran sold her beach house {the house she lived in all year round} to go to a retirement village near my uncle.  Since then, the house has been bashed down to make way for a new house, but no work has been done on it for the last 3 years.  Weeds grow around the shell of the house - and it was SO incredibly emotional to see it.  A majestic house that we once called home {well, second home} now stands in ruins, like a zit on the beautiful beach landscape.  One day when Im rich Ill buy back the land and build a replica of the old house.

I smsed my sister, brother and dad when I was standing looking at this old house of ours to tell them what I was seeing and their responses were heart-wrenching: what a sad way to think of the house now.  What fabulous memories. 

Did you have a good childhood?  Mine was a truly South African one - an experience I suppose you get no where else on earth.  Don't you desperately miss those days?  I know I do...


{Pics taken with my Diana}

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