Thursday, February 24, 2011

{a couple more things from London}

**Before you ask - these items aren't for sale in the shop - sorry!**

Rust-coloured polka dot dress from Pull & Bear

Midi high-waisted printed skirt from H&M

Blue polka dot dress {L} & Black&White Playsuit {R}
Both Primark

Another midi skirt, this time from Primark

Horse-print blazer {L} and Kimono {R}
Both Primark

Undies from Miss Selfridge - can never find pretty, great quality underwear in SA.  These were 3 for 9GBP (R99) - what a bargain!

Blouses from Primark

Bird Print blouse from New Look

Peter Pan Collar Sleeveless Shirt from Dorothy Perkins

Peg Leg Pleated Trousers {In Navy} from Dorothy Perkins

Blouse from New Look

Here are a few more things I got in London - can you tell I was on the hunt for blouses?  Loving the bird prints and florals that were huge in stores overseas, couldn't get enough {but my credit card could....}

Primark was looking FAN-TASTIC so I went back 3 times to make sure that I scooped up all the good stuff before I left.  Also spent a whack at New Look and Dorothy Perkins.  I left the UK thinking to myself "I would never find stuff like this at home for the prices I just paid for these pieces - why can't SA retailers do more of this?!"

But wait...there's more {to come - Ill post more pics of the other stuff I got soon!}



  1. Wow! You got such awesome things over there! I love all of it, but that horse print blazer is awesome!

  2. OMG, the polka dot dress!!!! DEAD!!! Can I ask one of my mates there to send me that? It's heavenly! Flip girl, you got some good buys