Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yesterday I signed up for adult beginner ballet classes.  I have always been quite an active person, but over the last few years what with work and other extra-curricular activities, I haven't been able to devote a lot of time to exercise. 

And because of that, I've struggled to find an activity that really excites me.  Ive tried the gym thing, the running on the road thing, but neither motivate me too much.  So I struck upon an idea - what about ballet?  I remember taking ballet lessons as a little girl, but was kicked out because I just wanted to play with my friends instead of listen to the teacher...

It's great for posture and toning the muscles AND it's fun.  Also, no experience is required for these classes, so while I hope that I wont be dancing alongside 9 year olds, I do hope that Im not the only one in the class who hasnt danced in YEARS. 

So I signed up for classes that happen twice a week for an hour each time.  Wednesday is my first session and Im beyond excited.  Ill post some pics from my first class - and if you're interested you can email me for more information and Ill send you the details.


{source via Miss Moss}


  1. Oh that sounds wonderful Pip, I'm sure you will do awesome - you look like you've danced before. I danced loads as a kid too but when I signed up for adult lessons, I sucked - lols!! Couldnt remember the steps - hilar. But Im sure you'll do much better!

  2. i'm so excited to join you(: here's hoping we stay focused and don't get kicked out?