Friday, May 18, 2012

{Thriftspiration from the UK}

Hi {thrifters},

Ash here... I can't believe I've been home from my trip to the UK for 10 days already. Sorry about the delayed update but Matric is definitely restricting my {thrift collection} time... Forgive me.

In terms of thrifty-ness and thriftspiration, the UK has an abundance of it! I spent two days in Brighton, which has become known as "London-by-the-sea-side".  I was blown away by the little alley ways and streets with thrift shops by the dozen, but even more so by the support and popularity of all things retro, vintage and thrifty. The thing that grabbed my attention the most when it came to the Thrift Stores, THEIR PRICES!! Not. Cheap. At. All! It made me so grateful that we could offer our customers items at a far better price. (Be grateful! haha)

Here are some pictures that I took that might give you glimpse of what I was blessed enough to experience:

Denim galore! 

Plugs anyone?

rows-and-rows of "vintage" 
(Who knew it came with such a high price tag?)

Hands down the greatest car that ever lived. 

And, of course, my days were accompanied by the rain.

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