Thursday, November 10, 2011


For all you animal lovers out there: Christmas is nearly upon us, so give us a thought to all the little pets and pups out there who don't have a mommy or a daddy.  Instead of giving presents this festive season, why not donate to the SPCA on someone's behalf?  It doesn't have to be much, a little can do so much to help make the lives of our furry friends a little more bearable.  

I donate to the SPCA on a monthly basis - even though Im there all the time to buy goodies for our shops.  

If I've convinced you - here are their details if you want to make your own donation.  

Standard Bank
Acc #: 051220407
Branch: Musgrave
Branch Code: 042626
Acc Name: Durban & Coast SPCA

- All donations are tax deductible
- The SPCA doesn't get funding from the government {vote me in as president, and we'll change that!!}

Go on - make a difference in an animal's life.


Pic from We Heart It, via this flickr

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