Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{doggie collars}

I recently wrote a post about some cute doggie collars that I had seen on the interwebs and how I wish that there was someone locally who makes these kinds of things.

So - I thought, instead of wishing why not do!

And that's what I did: I made my own doggie collar for my little Clem!  I spent some time at Everlasting today choosing pearls, clasps and a pendant and made the below.  

They're all made to order so that they suit your pup's neck.  You can also choose your own colours and beads, so the collars are fully customisable {if that's even a word}.  

You choose the following:
* Pearls or beads
* Colours of the pearls or beads
* Pendant style and colour
* Size of collar needed depending on your pup's necksize

Each one is R70, so email me with your order, give me a couple days to source your pearls / beads / colours / pendant and it's yours!

Ill also have some at this weekend's market, and Clem will be modelling hers above.


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