Monday, September 5, 2011

{warning: real cuteness ahead}

What a photogenic little pooch!

Some pics of our little lady on her first day at her new home.
We played in the garden, rough-housed a little in the flat and had a nap.  

What we've learned about our little one:
- She loves music - fell right to sleep listening to Mates of State.  Hum in her ear and she calms down immediately
- She loves to give puppy kisses and cuddles - all the time
- She loves her food, and eats one pellet at a time: she gets one in her mouth and walks around the room with it and when it's done, she comes back for more
- She's got enough skin for 3 dogs - look at all those wrinkles!
- She hates the camera flash - so her unimpressed look above is really saying "enough mom!"

You can see from the pics that she is ridiculously tiny.  But oh so beautiful!