Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{walking through glasgow}

Hello kids!  We're back in the land of boerewors and malema!  Still so exhausted from our trip - so thought I would do a quick first post on our awesomely fun (but cold..) trip to scotland!

Here's some snaps I took while we were walking through Glasgow - such a beautiful city.

Outside the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art - and the statue that guards the front door.

Down the Style Mile - the best shopping I've ever known (and in fact better than the shopping on offer in Edinburgh)

A map of the city

Careful - zombies crossing

The King's Theatre - just behind the hotel we stayed in

One of the city's many public parks

A street performer - looks just like a statue, even close up

People said to us before we went that you're either a Glasgow or an Edinburgh person.  While Bevan preferred Glasgow, Im torn between the awesomeness of Glasgow and the immaculate beauty of Edinburgh...


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  1. You were only 22 miles from my birth place. I'm so envious!!!

    Did you bring back some Irn Bru and shortbread?