Thursday, September 1, 2011

{our caravan: AFTER pics}

Our beautiful little caravan!
Launched at our Tea Party on the 27th of August.
You'll find her at the October I Heart Market (we'll away for the Sept one), and for the I Hearts after that.

From Dec, we'll have the shop at our new home in Glenwood, and we will open it up every weekend!  

We'll also be at the Shongweni Farmer's Market once a month from Oct, so look out for us there as well.

Our plan is also to go to all the major festivals around the country to sell our goodies - hitch it up to the back of the car and take The Thrift Collection on new and exciting adventures.

Let me just share with you why we decided to go with a caravan instead of a brick and mortar store:
- The caravan allows us some mobility - so we can take the shop to new cities, festivals and markets.  We aren't tied down.
- We don't have to pay anyone rent - which is a huge pressure for a small retail shop.
- We'll be parking it at our new home (it has a lovely big parking space in the front yard) which means that we can open the shop whenever we want: public holidays, weekends and random days during the week.
- It acts as a storage for us too - packing up after I Heart Market just got SO much easier and quicker!
- And one day, if we want, we can turn our little caravan into anything we can think of!  An office, a wendy house, or even a bona fide caravan to act like a real gypsy in!

Oh, and Clementine will be coming with us to all the markets, and she will have her own little bed in the caravan, so if nothing else - you can come visit the shop to see our little pup!

Letting the world know who we are and what we do!

"Mellow Blue" is the colour we used on the walls

Vinyl flooring

Wallpaper from GAME

Homemade curtains and tie backs



  1. this is amazing Pippa! Well done. It looks so awesome! =)

  2. LOVE IT! I'm dying to get a caravan to play in, and I'm definitely inspired by your sweet makeover. Looking forward to seeing it at Oct I Heart Market.

  3. Congrats! what a lovely concept - wishing you every success!

    Is the little green/blue bunny for sale?

    Have you given your caravan a name?

  4. Wow - What a dream come true! I'll try to pop in at the October iheartmarket!

  5. I just LOVE the blue colour and the wallpaper. You guys did a sterling job. I'm actually so excited for you and your thrift collection. Remember to look me up when you come to Joburg, Pippa.