Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a night with the CZAR's

A little while ago, Pippa and myself and a couple of others within the blogging community had an awesome opportunity to get to know better the gentleman behind the CZAR - the restaurant and upstairs lounge bar located on Florida Road.

Athos Euripidou has been in the restaurant game for sometime and told us that the venue still has the old school charm that is so typical of Durban colonial architecture but has been given a facelift that likens it to a very upmarket club perhaps located in Jozi or Cape Town.  

The only difference is the upmarket experience CZAR provides does not carry the hefty price-tag associated with the Jozi and CT venues. Much much easier on the wallet as we were to find out that evening not too long ago.


now you see it...

now you don't...

Athos treated us to fantastic sushi which is half-price on Wednesday nights and he also introduced us to their latest lunch menu which will only cost including a local beer, one R50.00 note - great value especially for a well-needed lunch time meeting/retreat.

Athos also mentioned that (just like the Society days, which interestingly was also managed by Athos) CZAR will continue to be a venue that is renowned for sponsored events but are also starting new exciting initiatives that will continue to push the boundaries within the Durban arena and provide us with unique bar and dining experiences.

(Make a note in your diary: 1 October sees the launch of the CZAR CARNIVAL at 9PM.  Come dressed in Carnival attire and be enthralled by dancers, magicians, fire breathers and , and I quote: "all kinds of other sexy carnival acts.")

Their unique selling points as far as I am concerned is that they are strategically located on one of Durban's busiest roads (178 Florida Road); the attention to detail in the venue will make any patron feel like they have 'arrived'; and the menu is not only easy on the wallet, but very easy to eat.

A must visit - even if it is for coffee or beer over lunch - who knows, you might stay for dinner.

Visit or call on 031 312 8001

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