Wednesday, August 3, 2011

{wonderful wedding}

LOVE LOVE LOVE this wedding theme - and such gorgeous shots from the very talented duo over at We Love Pictures.

The theme for this wedding was Colonial Africa - which if done badly could look a little tacky but this is simply gorgeous.  

My own wedding Im sure is a fair way in the future - but I've always dreamt of a lazy summer afternoon wedding: quilts and comfy pillows on a lawn or in park, while we play board games, sip lemonade, eat yummy cheeses and bread and listen to our favourite records.  Later in the afternoon as the sun sets, we would light the fairy lights that surround the picnic area and we'll dance all night long to golden oldies.  My dress? Vintage of course, short, to the knee with cute brightly colour peacock blue shoes.  

Yup - got it all figured out in the my head.

What's your ideal wedding theme?  And if you're already married - is there anything you would change?  I'd love to hear what other people's ideas of their perfect day are / would be!



  1. These pics are so charming. Such a quaint wedding affair!

  2. I'm far too young to think about this... but I think it would be in a beautiful forest (my favourite place!) with a clearing that's covered in fairy lights.
    Have you seen the pics from when Welovepictures got married? That's pretty close to my ideal style wise.