Thursday, July 14, 2011

{we're having a tea party!}

Big things on the horizon for this little thrift brand...  And so a tea party to celebrate them all is in order!

We'll be turning 1 year old AND unveiling our new store.

We'll have tea, treats and our best product on sale so come and make a morning of it.  We'll also have old school board games and croquet to play so it's going to be a fab morning of sipping tea, shopping thrift style and mingling with other like-minded folk.

So start saving your cash - cause Durban's never going to be the same...

See you there!


Ps - if you're a blogger, we'd really like your help in spreading the word, so please reblog if you can!


  1. Ill post about it for sure and will be there!

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  3. Posted to Blog & Fbook - Good luck with the new store!

  4. This sounds awesome. Wish I were in Durban! Will pass it on.