Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{thrift}MAN - new product

New product.  Fantastic prices. 

You might be asking yourself - That's great, but how do I put it all together?

Well, take a look for yourself.  All the items showcased below are from {thrift]MAN.  It is that easy.

Visit the {thrift}MAN store for more details...

{Modelling the garments is my brother Aaron.  He is currently studying at Rhodes and is a fashion lover himself.  He has a blog at  He confesses he is not an avid blogger, but a blogger nonetheless. I thank him for his services as schmodel}

All bang on trend - these outfits will not come with a trendy price tag.

Use it don't use it.

For {thrift}MAN, I am Bevan Lynch.

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