Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{i heart market}

Eat me!2 hours left! Won't be here in July so get here today!
A girl at the market walks past and exclaims "ooo a thrift store! How exciting!"Lovely day for a market! We have so much space,a mirror AND a changeroom for your shopping pleasure!

Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday to support I Heart Market!  We had probably our best market day yet {I know I say that after every market,  but this one really was the best!}  My favourite part was chatting to all the shoppers and stall-holders - there are some really great peeps in this little town!

One of my most pressing goals is to get The Thrift Collection its own store - location unknown at this point, but we so enjoyed Saturday that I hope the goal becomes a little more tangible, a little bit sooner.  How fab would it be to have a place to pick up some bargains, and perhaps sit down with a FRANKIE mag drinking tea and scoffing down cupcakes?  

Dreams aside, thanks for the support - we hope July's market is even better than this one!

We wont be here in August {we'll be in East London visiting my boyfriend's family} so pencil the next I heart in your diary so you dont miss out!

Have a fab week!


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  1. Love the vintage inspired snaps! And I hope you do get your own bricks and mortar store - that would be just heaven! x