Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{some of Morocco}

Waiting in Cairo for our flight to Casablanca, Morocco.  That's our friend Courtenay (or COURT-OH) - he was with us the entire trip.  A friend from varsity and one of the funniest guys I know.  

We stayed with family friends in Rabat (the capital of Morocco) - these are views from their home.  Right on the sea.  Lovely place to crash after a long day of sight-seeing, shopping and eating.

A few days into our trip, we decided to venture down to Marrakech, probably Morocco's most famous city (and the city that was bombed last week - luckily we missed that by 5 days...).  A 3 hour train trip from Casa so not bad at all!

The beautiful Ryiad (or hotel around a courtyard) that we stayed in in Marrakech.  It's tucked away in the labyrinth of alley ways and is so peaceful and quiet inside, you'd never guess you were in one of Africa's busiest cities.  We had a great time here.

Phew - talk about an amazing trip: 1 week and a bit in Morocco, and just under a week in Egypt.  Have tons of pics to share with you, these are just some of them - more to follow throughout the week.

I lived in Casablanca as a kid, so this was a return to the place that I had (for 5 years of my life) grown up in.  Was so great to take my boyfriend back to see what it was all about, and to have a friend join us for the entire trip.  

We laughed all day every day - we ate all day every day - and as a result, we had one of our best holidays ever.

We flew EgyptAir - an airline basically stuck in the 90's (no personal tv's, decor not SO fab} but the service was fantastic.  We landed safely in Cairo, had a 2 hour layover, then journeyed on to Casa.  

More pics to follow of Marrakech and our favourite town of all: Essaouria to the south of Morocco.


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