Friday, May 27, 2011

{please be seated}

Everyone needs a good place to sit - whether you have had a hectic day at work or just want to read a great book or just want to be...for a while between episodes of awesome midweek viewing on your favourite television channels.

I love where I sit when I find myself having to sit because of the aforementioned reasons - and I just wanted to share my 'sitplek' with you.





Yes, three pics of the same thing is pretty excessive, but I love that place and wanted to share!

Just a bit about seating area:
Couch: Pippa's old couch
Union Jack:  Flag found whilst thrifting
Lamp: Found whilst thrifting - that lamp new retails at R650 and I picked it up for R65. SCORE!
Foot Rest: An old foot rest (poof) that I just put into a hessian sack

The result is a place that has character, feels great and has not cost an arm and a leg!

For {thrift}MAN, I am Bevan.


  1. Love the lamp, I have a thing for angle poise lamps!

  2. Love this! Makes me want to snuggle up in that couch with a cuppa tea and a good book. Nicely done guys.