Monday, May 9, 2011



On a delightful, airconditioned, 1st class bus from Marrakech to Essaouira

The Essaouira coast

Kodak - the Arabic way

The yummiest crepes in the world!

A charming vintage store tucked away in the medina

The sweetest little kitty - hiding in the pot plant

Out on the town

The harbour - and the canons that protected the town back in the 14th century

This is Essaouria - probably our favourite part of the Morocco leg.  A small sea-side town down the south of the country - all the buildings are painted white and the doors and shutters painted blue. Even the taxis are blue.  And the colours of the town add to the ambiance of it all. The main part of the town is within the medina walls, and just a short bike ride to the south is its harbour, full of quaint little boats and fishing vessels bringing home the daily catch.  

Alcohol is hard to come by (and subsequently very expensive) but we found LOVELY Italian restaurant that serves the most amazing pizzas (after a week of tagines and cous cous, all I really wanted was a greasy pizza - hence the extra 3 kgs I brought home, and Im not talking about my suitcase...).  They also made the best mojitos Ive tasted in a long time, so I was happy as a fat kid with a cupcake.

We spent some time quad-biking (where I scared the boys sh*tless going over the dunes), on mountain bikes cruising the town, shopping down the various little alley ways and lanes, and of course eating our weight in crepes, wraps, pizzas, red wine and mint tea.

If you ever have a chance to get to Morocco (seriously...make a plan....), make some time to get to Essaouria, you wont regret it.



  1. I'm loving all your Morocco pics. I definitely want to go there some day. The bomb thing is quite scary though!

  2. what a sensory overload - great pics pip, looks like you had an awesome adventure

  3. these are gorgeous photos pip! what an experience!

  4. Really enjoying seeing all the details.