Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{topshop windows}

How beautiful are Topshop's Windows and floor looking?  They always do such amazing things with their visual merchandising.  These pics are from their Oxford Circus branch which is the one that we visit when we travel to London for work.  Could spend all day in there.  Such thought and attention to detail that goes into their merchandising. 

Strobe lights, wooden crates and chalk boards are the latest trends in visual merchandising, and while The Thrift Collection might not have a strobe light or 2 lying around to do things with at the market, we can definitely do some fun things at our stall with the crates and chalk board.  If you were at the last I Heart you will have seen our new addition to the family: a chalkboard on eisel. I spent most of my previous Saturday repainting it in a bubblegum blue.  When I bought it, it was this horrid red and green monstrosity - a lick of paint gave it a complete face lift!


{source: WGSN.com}


  1. Wow what amazing visuals!!a great way of telling a story.
    Thanks for a great post!!

  2. Aaah, What lovely comments! Makes it all worth while when we read things such as this. Yes, I work for the Creative Team at Topshop. Thanks again!

  3. No doubt.....Beautiful Creation...
    Fantastic use of Lines, Light & Props...
    Keep it up...will meet you soon...