Monday, April 18, 2011


You're probably thinking "crikey, but this chick's nuts what with all those nailpolishes"... and you'd be correct.  I have a little problem.  I buy a new nailpolish every fortnight or so.  I now have over 30 nailpolishes, and more on the way I'm sure.  My latest purchases were the khaki and mint green from Topshop's makeup range.  At 5GBP a pop, it was much cheaper than the nailpolishes here {that is, if you buy the good quality ones like Essie}.  Essie is my favourite - it lasts longer, goes on smoothly and they have the best range of colours I reckon.

I couldn't decide which colour to go for so I shortlisted a couple and painted them on to see which one I was feeling for.  Midnight Blue won.  And so that's what I'm sporting at the moment!