Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{my latest purchases}

Washi tape from The Space

Crochet brogues from The Hub

Khaki shoe boots from Mr. Price

Camel top from Country Road

Striped waterfall cardi from Mr. Price

Pussy Bow blouse from Mr. Price

Navy Cardigan from Mr. Price

Winter shorts on sale at Mr. Price

I'm a sucker for new pj's: these are also from Mr. Price

Rust-coloured Peter pan collar tunic - Mr. Price

Sheer top from Mr. Price

Necklace from Diva

Studs from Diva

Peach double-breasted boyfriend blazer from Miladys

Hi, my name's Pippa, and I'm a shopaholic. 

I really do shop a lot - you'll probably have noticed already given that it's taken me more than 3 blog posts to show you all the things I bought in London!

I blame it on my job: Im REQUIRED, nay, PAID to be in stores on a regular basis, to read fashion magazines to keep my eye on the emerging trends, to subscribe to retailers' fashion newsletters, to read blogs and to shop.  Basically - it's a breeding ground for shopaholics.  And I couldn't be happier {although I'm sure my bank account wouldn't mind if I moved into a more sensible industry like Accounting for example...} 

Anyways, my point is that I shop - a lot.  Here are some of my latest finds.



  1. I also bought those PJ's. They are so so amazing and make me feel famous for some reason! I don't know how they do it!

  2. i want those crochet brogues <3 so special x


  3. Haha Pip! You have some lush finds there! x