Thursday, March 3, 2011

{thrift}MAN Collection

Hello out there,

For the readers, my name is Bevan and I will be partnering with Pippa to source items for the {thrift}MAN collection. {i.e. Pippa is my squeeze and visa versa}.

Moving onto more pertinent business..., it took me a while to do this {thrift}MAN concept, although I have been scouring thrift stores for my personal wardrobe since I was in high school - which is more than 15 years ago now.  And as much as I would like to say I have experience here in this 'retail' environment - I don't.  My modus operandi was and still is to buy those items that I thought looked great on me AS WELL AS those that I thought had great potential (once I had given them some TLC - as it were).

In this first collection for {thrift}MAN, I applied the same aforementioned methodology when sourcing, and I think it has worked because most of the items you will see for sale I have struggled to part with!

I also know that most visitors to {the thrift collection} are women.  Now that you know there is someone out there doing something for guys, if I could please ask you to tell your friends, partners, husbands or anyone who might be interested in this concept, I would be most grateful.
If there is an audience for what {thrift}MAN has to offer, expect more into the future.

Lastly, to give you a taste of what can be expected from {thrift}MAN, see below, or visit the {shop MAN} tab on this blog.

Peace. Love. Rock 'n Roll.

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