Thursday, March 24, 2011

{rosemary's baby}

I'm a REAL fan of horrors and thrillers - vintage and old school ones in particular.  The ones made these days are so second rate and crass.  The ones made back in the day sure had those elements that I think make for a great movie: famous directors, actors and actresses about to make it really big, fantastic wardrobe that sets trends and the stilted acting.  Gosh I love it.

Boyfriend hates watching these movies so if I want to watch them, I have to do it by myself or rope in a friend to come along with me.  I recently ordered a few of these old school horrors on DVD and they started arriving in my post box last week.  First up was The Shining which I loved so much, got it's own blog post.

A couple of day's ago, I settled in to watch Rosemary's Baby.  It's one of my all-time favourites and the one video store in Durban that had it had a copy that was so ruined it froze half-way through.  So I had to order my own copy.  Boyfriend went out to his band practice and I planted my ass on the couch with all manor of junk food, sushi and red wine.  A fabulous night was had by all. 

Something Ive always been struck by from this movie is the yellow colour palette.  Buttercup yellow is my favourite colour so I fell in love with the set design. 

The pics above explain what I mean.  If only I could talk boyfriend into letting me decorate our flat with a yellow colour palette....

I also love Mia Farrow - she's one of my favourite style icons.  Loved her hair in the movie too until she chopped it into a pixie cut...  Not such a great look on her.  But look at the trends she's set!


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  1. Love those pics, looks like a rad movie. I'm a fan of thriller/horror too, but haven't seen one in ages. The Shining is def a classic.