Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{in my postbox}

yay! Post box loving!

I love old school horrors, so got The Shining for myself.  Watched it while boyfriend was out at band practice: turned off the lights and settled down on the couch with sushi, red wine and loads of junk food.  Nearly crapped myself however in one of the scenes: Jack Nicholson's character JACK goes a little mental and runs through the kitchen smashing things to the ground.  As he reaches out to throw things on the floor, a painting fell off my wall and made a loud BANG.  I shrieked with terror and then fell into fits of laughter: why we love to scare ourselves I doubt we will ever comprehend!

Fantastic style inspiration: ordered so long ago, completely forgot it was on its way!

My beloved Frankie.  Want one? Email Nadia

These are the treasures that awaited me in my post box on Friday: My latest Frankie Magazine, Style Diaries and The Shining.  Boyfriend got me a subscription to Frankie for Christmas {what a thoughtful guy!}, and I ordered the other 2 via The Book Depository {free shipping world wide!!} and Kalahari.

I ordered the Style Diaries SUCH a long time ago, I'd even forgotten that I'd done so until it found its way into my post box.  So it was almost like receiving a gift because it was paid for so long ago.

I took Monday off as I was working myself a little too much lately, and treated myself to a pedicure in the morning.  I took along Style Diaries with me and felt so HAPPY!  There I was being pampered, sipping on tea while I soaked up all the inspiration I could from the book.  It features the world's biggest style bloggers, with a bit of a bio and some of their best / most interesting / stylish looks. 

Do yourself a favour - and order it from the book depository if not available here in SA - they have free shipping WORLD WIDE on any title!



  1. HAHAHA PIP!!! Lols at that painting falling off! You're mad girl, I'd never watch that alone, lols. Thanks for telling us about the book place - freaking awesome about the shipping! x

  2. Your blog is looking awesome. Also originally from kzn so great reading bout stuff back home. Thank you