Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{bits of my weekend}

We spent most of the weekend up in Kloof visiting my parents who just got back from a 2 week trip road-tripping across SA for the Argus

Sat morning we hit the Shongweni Farmers' Market - we initially aimed to leave home at 6am, which later became 7:30am...

 Next, it was off to do a little thrifting - picked some cute pieces for the shop - look out for those over the coming days

 Home for a cup of tea and a read of my Frankie mag

Shower and parade of suitable vintage frocks to wear for the weekend - then back up to Kloof

 I finally met Peggy and spent most of Sunday and Monday riding around my parent's neighbourhood {post on her coming up!}

I treated myself to a little shopping and a bag of sweets on Sunday

And perfected the art of blowing the perfect bubble with my bubblegum

 Got to spend some quality time with my kitty who currently lives with my parents {grumpy man across the hall doesn't like pets...who doesn't like pets??}

And then ended the weekend packing a few orders
How was your weekend?  I had a FABULOUSLY fun one.  The Shongweni farmers' market is definitely worth the trip {and early wake up}!  If you ever get a chance, get up there and see it.  Take loads of cash with you and an empty basket because you'll fill it with some amazing finds! 

Have a happy 4-day week!



  1. Such pretty pictures :) I see that new camera is being put to good use. I had a lovely weekend thanks for asking.

  2. I look forward to some new items in the shop!
    Hope for some bags... just like the pets, who doesn't like bags!

  3. Oh what a delightful time you had! Was so nice bumping into you as always x