Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{thrifting adventure}

On Saturday I went on a thrifting adventure around town and had a fabulous time {even bumped into Lol from Glossary which was great!}

I managed to find:
- Some lovely treasures for a vintage-inspired store that I supply
- An authentic vintage Burberry trench coat (complete with the classic stone colour and check inner).  It has been hanging up in the bedroom since Saturday and it feels pretty cool to be sleeping in the same roomas Burberry. 
- Nice stuff that Ill be putting into the home shop - so look out for those in the coming week



  1. Girl, that Burberry coat was such an amazing score - legendary! And thanks for the link love x

  2. I want the overhead projector...badly! I love your shots of the thrift store. I'll be back to read more thrifty bits :)