Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{outfit post}

Boyfriend got involved in this one. Ain't he a cutie?
{Top: Mr. Price | Belt: Identity way back when they still made nice clothes | skirt: thrifted | Clogs: Woolies}

A while back, the boyfriend and I went to Gateway to meet up with some friends for lunch.  While walking through the mall to the outside food court, we happened to walk past and subsequently into Woolies.  I saw these clogs on the shelf and at R400 {genuine leather} I ummed and aahhed about purchasing them.  So I walked away, and continued to um and ah through lunch. 

Finally my inner shopaholic took over and a sneaky voice in my head said "you will like sooo regret it if you walk away and don't buy those shoes". 

So I bought them.  And I cant believe I nearly DIDN'T buy them!  They are the bestest, most comfortablist, more lovely shoes ever and I love.

And I love them because they go with this thrifted skirt.



  1. Those clogs are gorgeous! Love the pleated skirt as well.

  2. I used to be so against clogs but FLIP they look amazing! nice outfit!

  3. Love the vintage skirt and belt! I love shopping enablers :)

  4. Pippa! I got those same clogs and regret them! they are so so uncomfortable!! Please help? did I get the wrong size? Btw mine was R250 for the suede one, genuine leather too! early last year tho? Love your blog <3 Following it, follow mine!