Friday, January 28, 2011


 Stamps from 1983

When I turned 21 (6 years ago - CRINGE!) my parents gave me a coin & stamp collection from my birth year (1983).  It's one of my most treasured possesions.

Remember those huge R1 coins?  I grew up in Durban North off Makeurtan Avenue, just down the road from Northwood.  I remember walking with my gogo, my hand full of these R1 coins, to the corner cafe by Virginia Circle to buy a bag of sweets.  Then walking home, sharing my sweeties with her.  I had a great childhood and it's memories like these that stay with me.

My favourite coin was the 1/2 cent coin - I loved the little birdies perched on the branch.  I collected these coins, and even though they hardly amounted to anything, I felt like I was the richest kid in the neighbourhood.

The stamps above are my favourite from the collection. 

Life seemed so much simpler back then - no work, no taxes, no grown up stuff.  Just a bag full of sweets and R1 coins that took up most of my palm.


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  1. Aw,I can just picture a mini you with your coins and sweets!