Monday, January 24, 2011

{h&m shopping list}

H&M is one of my favourite stores overseas: their basics are so comfortable, their level of fashion is always bang on, and the prices are reasonable.  Here are some of the items that I'm lusting over - and hope to bring home...

Loving bright colours for accessories at the moment - hence the emerald shoes and satchel.  Knitwear is also on my list - as are trousers and jackets.  I struggle to find pants that fit me in SA, because when they fit at the waist, they're either too long or baggy - and if they fit me on the legs, they gape at the top.  So frustrating...



  1. Ah! Love the emerald satchel. Looking forward to seeing what you scoop up in UK!

  2. There is so much prettiness going on in this post...

  3. in case you like swedish hasbeens as much as other bloggers, but think they're too expensive, don't miss this:

    ps. the emerald satchel looks even more awesome irl!

  4. LOVE the emerald bag! H&M is also one of my favs:)